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PIXIE-For her

Yearly Subscription

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Delivery time period
You pay once and we will deliver them to you automatically every month.

No need to reorder every month. 
No shipping charges.
These subscription packs save 50% of the total cost.( cost of 90 pads 1299 whereas at subscription @699

Description :
  • Chemical-free, UV sterilized & Ph compatible- save you from skin infections and 100% rash-free. 
  • Naturally soft and thin- you won't even feel that you are wearing them.
  • Heat absorbent layer- absorbs the body heat.  
  • Environment-friendly 
  •  eco-friendly sanitary napkins material, easy to dispose of, seal-proof disposable bags, packed in recycled paper (not harming our mother earth).   


*Pads are made of pure multilayered cotton .

*Anion chip is imbedded in them helps to maintain the pH level of the intimate area.

* packing is made of paper and cardboard which make sustainable in nature.

How 'Pixie-For her" is better then my current pads?

Unlike the traditional mass-produced pads that often use cheaper raw materials like plastic and harmful synthetics for cost-cutting, Pixie-for her pads are made ensuring premium quality at every stage of the production process. The top layer of 'Pixie-For her' pads is made with the finest organic cotton that leaves an ultra-soft surface. The core consists of a biodegradable superabsorbent which ensures a dry feeling even after several hours.

How do 'Pixie-For her' pads help to minimize skin irritation and rashes?

Despite being soft & gentle to the skin our product do not contain any type of chemical or perfume. being organic saves you from harmful chemicals coming in direct contact with your skin.

What are the charges for shipping?

Our goal is to provide you with high quality products at your convenience. Keeping your comfort in mind, we deliver your 'Pixie-For her' shipment at your doorstep at a nominal shipping fee.

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