Time To Awake.

Time To Awake.

Menstruation or period and it's needs is nothing to be ashamed of. It is just normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as a part of a woman's monthly cycle. An average woman faces menopause at the age of 51 and it starts at the age of minimum 10. Approximately 41 years i.e. An average woman bleeds for about 1968 - 3444 days of her life. Ignoring the needs for such a huge part of a woman's life is not justified. Ignorance of using good quality menstrual products might turn into a situation of life or death. Women using a cloth are more at a risk of catching various diseases. The diseases are not just as mere as rashes and infections, they might cause cervical cancer too. Plastic pads using women are susceptible to catching those diseases like the one using cloth too. The plastic pads contain various pesticides, chemicals & perfumes that are key for microorganism growth and reactions of harmful compounds in it with the body.

India suffers from a social problem known as period poverty. This includes inability to access/ afford female hygiene products. We together can start an initiative to end period poverty. All that you have to do is buy for yourself, we will donate the number you buy to the needy ones. Everyone has to step up and be a little less selfish in order to raise the needy ones. Menstruation stigma is perpetrated by social taboos, cultural taboos, lack of education, gender discrimination, silence and period poverty. Due to this stigma, women have to suffer. 

If you are a woman and you would like to raise other women, let's be friends! Let's take a step forward! Let's end period poverty and start ending this social stigma. It's not just about a stigma, countless girls miss their schools due to period poverty. Girls not obtaining higher education is also affecting the country's economy as well as their personal growth. If their sky is limited, are you sure feminism and endless fights against gender inequality and taboos making any difference? Let's make sky their limit, don't limit their sky. 

India can improve menstrual situation in just 5 steps:

  1. End taboo
  2. Educate
  3. Improve access to obstetricians
  4. Access to sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, etc.
  5. Access to clean and usable restrooms

We feel proud that we have initiated with step 1,2,3 & 4

We are doing our best to educate people on menstruation so as to kill the taboo

We take seminars in government schools to educate young women about menstruation and its needs

We have collaborated with doctors to give 24/7 access to ladies

And, yes we sell our products as minimum prices and we pledge to donate to the ones who can't afford them

We believe we will complete all the steps including step 5 and add some sparkles to the wings of our little fairies at school so they don't have to skip school anymore. We also wanna make sure we accomplish our goals to end period poverty in India as well as the world. We want a nation where all the 80% girls using homemade pads switch to health friendly cotton based pads and 60% girls skipping schools in periods have their attendance on rocks. We want those 71% girls who don't know what period is before their first period to know that this won't happen in years ahead. We know what you felt, we will make sure in coming years little girls don't feel the same.

I understand the uneducated ones don't know about cotton pads, but the educated ones, you have no excuse to ignore your menstrual health. Stop it. It's time to awaken. 

Switch to pixie today!

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