Supplant your closet by Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads

Supplant your closet by Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads

Eco friendly Sanitary pads

Change is the law of nature so supplant your destructive napkins to eco friendly sanitary pads. These are extraordinarily planned of cotton which are eco amicable and furthermore ok for ladies' wellbeing.

As indicated by Menstrual Health Alliance India, one Sanitary Pad could take 500 to 800 years to deteriorate as the plastic utilized is non-biodegradable and can prompt wellbeing and natural dangers. The vast majority of these napkins have more than 90% plastics and each pad is an identical to four plastic sacks.

Cotton pads permit the skin to inhale while keeping you dry on account of a permeable cellulose center. This gentler material likewise decreases the danger for sensitivities and skin disturbance that can result from the plastic substance of standard pads.

Advantages of natural sanitary pads


Standard sanitary napkins contain plastic substance and huge quantities of engineered materials that habitually cause burden. The Organic napkins are verifiably more open to inferable from regular cotton. These are unbelievably breathable and 100% friendly to your skin.

Reduced Rashes and Irritation

 It contains just normal cotton. It allows your vagina to breathe in and decreases the chances of rashes and disturbing. The pads are super-fragile and pleasant.

More grounded Than Other Alternatives

The dangerous artificial materials lead to outrageous ailments like ovarian infection, compound interference, broken conceptive structure, etc.

Pocket Friendly

These pads are unreasonably sensible and monetary arrangement all around arranged. The natural pad perseveres through longer saving such endless bucks in your pocket.

Environment Friendly

Since you are not throwing any more unsanitary pads into the junk, you are saving the environment from tougher biowaste. Changed types of cotton pads are an especially cover for women.


Natural sanitary pads are created by free endeavors and personal growth get-togethers. By settling on napkins you will help these little undertakings with creating.

Tips to keep up female tidiness

Change your sterile napkins at customary stretches. In case you use natural sanitary pads to douse the stream during your periods, try to change it much of the time.

  1. Clean reusable napkins properly.
  2. Keep your vaginal area clean.
  3. Never use two cushions meanwhile.
  4. Wear pleasing, clean dress.

Directions to obliterate used sterile napkins

  • The best plan is to wreck the used sanitary napkins by incineration. During the time spent incineration (at high temperatures typically about 800◦ c), the waste is changed over to trash, which is sterile, since at such high temperatures, essentially all microorganisms are in like manner devastated.
  • Put the encased napkins by the garbage can.
  • Do not flush your pads, covering, or paper liner down the latrine.
  • Ideally, you should put the pad in a trash bin with a sack or liner.
  • Some open bathrooms have little trash receptacles or metal evacuation holders in each delayed down where you can dispose of napkins.

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