The use of eco-friendly period products like organic pads can positively impact the environment. Organic cotton sanitary products

Best Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Natural sanitary pads

Best Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Natural sanitary pads

Choosing Organic Cotton Natural sanitary pads for your period could benefit you personally as well as the environment. Check out the benefits of these products and decide if you're ready to try a different way of managing your monthly hygiene.

Body Benefits

Chemicals known as dioxins are created, creating a white appearance on traditional period pads, during the bleaching process. Clearly, something is wrong. Higher cancer risk has been linked to exposure to these chemicals.

The World Health Organization reports that dioxins can also upset the hormonal balance, affect the immune system, hinder development, and even cause issues related to reproduction, such as endometriosis, painful periods, and infertility.

Dioxins are hazardous chemicals that enter your bloodstream when you use periods products that contain them. Typical pads and tampons contain fragrances and other chemicals that can disrupt hormones and effect your health in other ways. Thanks, but no thanks!

Natural Pads Are Breathable

Cotton menstrual pads provide a fresh, dry feeling, unlike menstrual pads made of manmade fibers. These are made with an absorbent cellulose core that allows the skin to breathe. Standard pads typically contain plastic, which can cause allergies and skin irritation. This softer material decreases those risks. By limiting airflow to this sensitive area, you are less likely to get bacterial and fungal infections.

Ensure long-term comfort

In standard pads, most of the cotton is made of plastic. Itchy and rashes can be brought on by the resulting fabric. It may be more comfortable to wear organic cotton pads for all-day wear, including overnight. Despite their streamlined design and softness, these products won't show through your clothing and won't bother you while you're going about your daily chores. When stuffed into expanded versions, they prevent leaks which damage your clothing. Styles with wings can be used at bedtime for maximum results.

 Nature Pads: Protecting Wildlife

The use of eco-friendly period products like organic pads can positively impact the environment. Organic cotton sanitary products decompose in two years as opposed to 800 years for non-organic pads. A major advantage of organic cotton farming is that it does not involve the use of pesticides, which kills off native insects, bees, birds, and other animals that are essential for our ecosystem.

Furthermore, structural estrogen is generated by some of these pesticides, which are linked to infertility and reproductive problems. As well as being able to manufacture with less water and energy, natural pads can also be biodegradable and compostable.

Affordably healthy

While organic cotton pads are more expensive than standard sanitary pads, they don't cause skin irritation or damage the environment as they do with standard pads. Most people who use organic cotton find it to be more absorbent, so they use fewer products during their periods. It's, therefore, an excellent option for monthly routines that use organic cotton pads.

You should remain aware of the impact on the environment of the chemicals in period hygiene products as well as the discomfort and irritation associated with regular pads. Consider using organic period products.

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