Be amicable with cotton sanitary pads

Be amicable with cotton sanitary pads

sanitary pads

Women, presently your dread of spillage during monthly cycle days will take off. Change to pixie organic sanitary pads during your periods and be pressure liberated from stains. Presently you can run hop and do anything as you do previously. Since the time ladies began pondering the destructive effects of business sterile napkins on the human body and climate, they have been attempting to discover better other options. Subsequently, presently we have organic sanitary pads, cotton sanitary pads, sanitary napkins, positively have an edge over any remaining options that we have. 

Benefits of cotton sanitary pads


The Organic Sanitary pads are far superior than those business clean napkins. Customary napkins contain plastic substance and large numbers of synthetics that frequently cause inconvenience. The Organic Sanitary pads are undeniably more open to inferable from natural cotton and other normal materials utilized in the pads. These material napkins are incredibly breathable and 100% genial to your skin.

Diminished Rashes and Irritation

Cotton sanitary pads contain only natural cotton. It permits your vagina to inhale and diminishes the odds of rashes and bothering. The cushions are super-delicate and agreeable. Above all, you understand what material you are uncovering your sensitive skin as well.

More grounded Than Other Alternatives

the unsafe synthetics lead to extreme illnesses like ovarian disease, chemical interruption, broken conceptive framework, and so on Engineered napkins leave behind every one of the doubts of synthetic substances and non-natural materials, guaranteeing a better option for your periods.

Pocket Friendly

Engineered pads are excessively reasonable and financial plan well disposed. They cost around half of what you spend on expendable pads in a year. The pixie organic sanitary napkin endures longer saving such countless bucks in your pocket.

Climate Friendly

Since you are not tossing any more grimy cushions into the rubbish, you are saving the climate from more durable biowaste. Changed forms of cotton sanitary pads are a particularly shelter for ladies. By changing to natural feminine sanitary napkins, you will have a gigantic effect.


The Pixie Organic sanitary pads are produced by independent ventures and self improvement gatherings. By deciding on napkins you will assist these little endeavors with developing. Rather than aiding in expanding the abundance of monster organizations who are least made a big deal about your medical advantages.

Tips to keep up feminine cleanliness

Change your napkin at regular intervals. On the off chance that you utilize sterile napkins to drench the stream during your periods, make sure to transform it frequently.

  • Clean reusable napkins appropriately.
  • Keep your vaginal region clean.
  • Never utilize two pads all the while.
  • Wear agreeable, clean clothing.
Instructions to destroy utilized sanitary napkins
  • The best arrangement is to obliterate the utilized sterile napkins by cremation. During the time spent cremation (at high temperatures normally about 800◦ c), the waste is changed over to debris, which is sterile, since at such high temperatures, practically all microbes are likewise obliterated.
  • Put the enclosed napkins by the trash bin.

  • Do not flush your sanitary pad, covering, or paper liner down the toilet.

  • Ideally, you should place the pad in a garbage can with a bag or liner.

  • Some open restrooms have little garbage bins or metal removal containers in each slow down where you can discard sanitary napkins.

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