10 Reasons to Buy Pixie Organic Sanitary Pads Online

10 Reasons to Buy Pixie Organic Sanitary Pads Online

10 Reasons to buy pixie organic sanitary pads online

    There is no social taboo that is more sensitive to menstruation than a menstrual taboo. Menstruation may be perceived in some societies as unclean or embarrassing, so it may be forbidden to speak about it publicly or privately. The concept of 'unclean' and the concept of 'sacred' could be intimately related to the concept of menstruation, according to anthropologists.

    Menstruation is viewed differently in different cultures. Western industrial societies believe that menstruation should be kept hidden. This is the basis of many conduct norms and communications about menstruation. The menstrual cycle, however, is often viewed positively by hunter-gatherer societies, with no spiritual connotations associated with it.

    Changes in time affect commodities and needs as well. It is becoming more and more obvious that health and wealth are interconnected. In today's society, women are very concerned about their health. Women who switch to eco-friendly sanitary pads reduce their risk of cervical cancer caused by synthetic cotton pads.

    You're going to learn about the 10 reasons why Pixie cotton pads are an excellent choice.

    1. They are so soft against the skin.
    2. Flexible, so they follow your every move.
    3. They are non sticky
    4. With the wings, making it easy to reposition them, you can get them precisely where you want them.
    5. When you use them, simply fold them over, attach the press-stud, and pop them into a bag pouch - they do not smell at all.
    6. You will save money. Even though they are costly to purchase, they are cheaper if long-term. I've calculated how much you can save. After 18 months, a set of cloth pads will pay for itself. After five years (could last longer), you'll save about £130.
    7. They have beautiful stitching and colorful covers. Seeing it is helpful, as it can vary from black to brown to red or pink. If anything changes from what's usual for you, you should consult your doctor.
    8. You can wash and clean them more easily than you think.
    9. Disposable pads have a greater environmental impact. Organic cotton means no pesticides are used. The poisons in pesticides kill our wildlife.
    10. Buying from an ethical company will help lift women out of poverty. In India, you can buy cloth pads from pixieforher because the women who make them earn a living wage, and every pad they sell outside India is donated to a young woman and she receives health education.

    The importance of ladylike neatness

    • Maintain normal sanitary pad replacement intervals. To prevent germs from spreading during your periods, use an Organic cotton menstrual pads and change it many times.
    • Reusable cotton menstrual pads should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Be careful not to contaminate your vaginal area.
    • Use only one sanitary pad at a time.
    • Dress in nice, clean clothes.

    Disposal instructions for sanitary napkins

    • Dispose of sterile napkins by cremation. By bringing the waste to high temperatures (about 800*C), it is transformed into debris, which is sterile since, in the same way, all microbes are destroyed.
    • Place the enclosures in the garbage.
    • We do not recommend flushing sanitary pads, covers, or liners down the toilet.
    • You should ideally place the pad in a garbage can with a bag or liner.
    • You can dispose of your sanitary napkins in certain open restrooms that have a little garbage bin or metal removal container.


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